Our OWV.one Device

OVER WHEELS OWV.one was born as the option for the change that your vehicle needs to adapt it to the needs that TODAY demands, since our planet cannot wait any longer! 
Our PATENTED OWV.one device is 100% safe and adaptable to any type of vehicle that consumes NAFTA.
We have developed this technology with the sole objective of contributing to the environment in the face of the global pollution crisis
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Installation Service

The OVER WHEEELS device, is distributed only through authorized workshops and points, since it can only be installed by trained technical personnel.

As part of the installation process, your vehicle must first undergo a general diagnostic checkup, in order to guarantee the optimal performance of the OWV.one Device.

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Tests & Results

Our objective to presenting different results when OWV.one is installed in different vehicles, is to create awareness and make it clear to everyone , the device does not affect in their vehicle. Rather, you will obtain excellent results in economy and contribute to the environment by lowering the gas emission of your car.

All the vehicles previously passed through a Scanner analysis before the implementation of the device, in order to know if they had any mechanical problem, different scanning tests were also carried out during the test period to which they were subjected. during the implementation, this without obtaining negative results or fault codes in all of these, the device is invisible to vehicles that have a computer and other electrical sensors. In addition, an analysis of the emission of polluting gases was carried out before and after the implementation with excellent results.

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